If you want to buy it…

Part: Main set

Price 100€ or 112USD

What you will get:
two fully soldered and tested boards: main board and buttons board;
2×16 LCD module;
DS18B20 temperature sensor;
3V CR2032 battery;
three flat cable connectors for the LCD and buttons board;
USB cable.

Part: 3D printed front panel

Price 4€ or 4.5USD

Part: MOSFET LED driver board

Price 20€ or 22.5USD

Part: Mean Well LDD-XXXH LED driver board

Board without drivers: Price 12€ or 13.5USD

Mean Well LDD-300H driver: 5.7€ or 6.4USD
Mean Well LDD-350H driver: 5.7€ or 6.4USD
Mean Well LDD-500H driver: 5.7€ or 6.4USD
Mean Well LDD-600H driver: 5.7€ or 6.4USD
Mean Well LDD-700H driver: 5.7€ or 6.4USD
Mean Well LDD-1000H driver: 5.7€ or 6.4USD
Mean Well LDD-1200H driver: 7.1€ or 8.0USD
Mean Well LDD-1500H driver: 7.1€ or 8.0USD

If you are buying LDD-XXXH driver board please inform me which drivers you need. Board can have up to four different drivers (4 channels).

Shipping cost

Shipping cost  for main set + selected LED driver board + front panel is:
about 10€ or 11.2USD to EU countries,
about 12€ or 13.5USD to most countries outside EU.
Contact me for the exact shipping price. If you want to purchase separate part, shipping will be cheaper than the prices listed above.


If you are buying SimACo controller, you need to buy some parts separately (not from me):
2V 1,5A power supply;
5V 0,5A power supply;
110/230V power cord;
4-outlet power strip;
fan (if you are planning to use it);
dosing pumps (if you are planning to use them);
1 pump and two float switches (if you are planning to use auto top-off);
plastic box, where you will mount controller components.

Preferred payment method – PayPal.


You will get both Windows and Android Angry Fish application versions for free, you can download it from the SimACo downloads section anytime.

Contact me if you want to buy SimACo controller:
you can write to me in comments;
Skype contacts and my email address are at the bottom of this page.