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2018 12 29:
Updated Angry Fish applications both for Windows (v.2.3) and Android (v.1.1). Also updated SimACo firmware (v2.3). Added new feature to control 120-230V fan block for aquarium cooling. Previous Angry Fish versions allowed to control only 12V fan. Also added feature to configure SimACo WiFi settings from Android phone. Now for this purpose Windows PC is not required anymore.

2018 12 18:
Created SimACo controller’s front panel drawing. It is designed to print with 3D printer. Panel fits LCD and buttons board. You can download STL file from the downloads section if you want to print panel.
Here are printed panel examples, PETG plastic was used.

controller's panel - front

controller's panel - back










2018 10 30:
Created and successfully tested four channel LED driver board!
MOSFET driver board v.1.0 for LED strips (top)MOSFET driver board v.1.0 for LED strips (bottom)

This board is designed to drive LED strips or LED modules which requires constant voltage (obviously 12V or 24V). Board allows LED dimming with PWM signal. Board inputs have 3.3V – 5V level, so this board can be connected directly to the many microcontroller outputs. And, of course, it can be directly connected to the SimACo main board LED1-LED4 outputs. MOSFET driver board outputs are protected with easily replaceable ceramic fuses. Max current per output is 6A.

2018 07 26:
Finally general build version v. 2.2 released; it includes:
Microcontroller firmware – v.2.2
Microcontroller bootloader – v.2.0
Windows application Angry Fish – v.
Android application Angry Fish – v. (newly released 1-st version!)
Main board – v.2.0
Buttons board – v.1.0

2017 09 22:
Current versions of SimACo:
Microcontroller firmware – v.2.0.
Microcontroller bootloader v.2.0
PC application Angry Fish v.
Main board v.2.0.
Buttons board v.1.0.

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