Case for 3D printing

This is a parts of a case for SimACo controller and all additional boards. If LED driver board (Mosfet or LDD) is not used, you can skip LED_driver_holder.stl part. The largest part (top.stl) size is 215x215mm. So you need a printer which has a minimum printing area about 220x220mm. For example all parts successfully were printed with Ender 3 printer. Only the center of part placement must be adjusted before printing large part. This is needed because: if you center perfectly part model in Cura, in reality the printer can give about 5mm part offset to one or other side. Thus the printed part can be placed slightly ouside the printing area.

Screws are used (threaded part size):
to join all 3D printed parts except LED_driver_holder.stl part: ∅2.9mm, length 4.2mm; flat head;
to attach  LED_driver_holder.stl part to the bottom.stl part and for all PCBs attachment: ∅2.9mm, length 6.5mm; round head.

All wires coming from the box must go through a four holes in the rear panel. These holes must be covered with electrical grommets. Hole size for grommet is 23.2mm.

You can download all seven parts required to print box from the SimACo downloads page.

File name Supports needed? Number of parts required Part picture
bottom.stl no 1
top.stl no 1
rear.stl no 1
front.stl no 1
left_and_right.stl no 2
corner_rods.stl no 4
LED_driver_holder.stl yes 1