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Please contact me if you want to buy SimACo controller:
you can write to me in comments;
link to SimACo Facebook page and my email address are at the bottom of this page.

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All parts and controller functions are tested before shipping – you will get controller working. All boards are fully soldered. Preferred payment method – PayPal.

Main set

What you will get:
two boards: main board and buttons board;
4×20 LCD module;
cables to connect buttons board and LCD module to the main board;
USB cable to connect SimACo to PC;
3V CR2032 battery;
rocker switch with wires
water temperature sensor.

All these parts are essential and they are needed for the proper functioning of the controller. Not all functions will work with main set. Check the list below which additional items you need for every function.

Additional parts

Most aquariums have different setups. SimACo is also designed to work with a broad range of mains voltage: 120-230V. Wall outlets in different countries also are different types. Because of these differences i can not provide every part required for every function. Some parts you will need to buy or do it yourself. Below is a list of other parts which you will need to use with with a specific function. Items which can be bought from me but are not included in the main set are highlighted in green and items which you will need to make yourself or buy are highlighted in red:

Keep in mind that AC 120-230V power supply cable is not included in the Main Set: you will need to buy it yourself.

  • LED lighting control. Led T° sensor is needed to monitor LED temperature and control LED cooling fan. LED driver boards: MOSFET driver board or Mean Well LDD drivers board are needed for LED lighting with dimming function. Board type depends on what type of LED lighting you are using for your aquarium. If you will decide to use LDD drivers board, you will need to buy Mean Well LDD-XXXH drivers. Also you will need external power supply for the LED lighting. It must be selected according to your LEDs type.
  • AC 120-230V voltage devices control. SimACo does not have power bar with outlets yet: you will need to do it yourself.
  • Aquarium water temperature measurement and support. Water T° sensor is required to measure water temperature, control water heater and cooling fans.
  • Ambient temperature measurement. Ambient T° sensor is needed to to measure ambient temperature.
  • PH/CO2 measurement and support. PH sensor with 50 Ohm BNC connector is needed to measure water PH level and control CO2 valve. Also you will need other CO2 equipment: CO2 bottle, pressure regulator and diffuser.
  • Liquid fertilizers dosing. 12V Dosing pumps are needed to dose liquid fertilizers.
  • Aquarium top-off. For this function you will need Reservoir sensor (for reservoir water level monitoring), Aquarium sensor (for aquarium water level monitoring) and 120-230V top-off pump. Water level sensors are also named as “float switches”.
  • UPS battery energy saving. Mains AC 120-230V voltage cable must be connected to the mains voltage sensor input. Sensing circuit is already soldered in to the main board. Buy UPS according to your aquarium devices wattage.
  • Aquarium filters flow rate monitoring. For this purpose flow sensors board must be used. Two flow rate sensors can be connected to this board.

In the downloads page you can download controller’s box drawing and print the box if you have 3D printer. If you do not have 3D printer then i suggest to order 3D printed box. It has all holes for the buttons, LCD, rocker switch, PH sensor and external wires. Also there are holders for LCD, buttons board, LED driver board and other two boards which may be produced in the future to support additional functions. Also you can use your own box but then you will need to cut all holes and to make holders for the listed boards.
If you order LDD-XXXH driver board and Mean Well drivers for that board from me, i will solder these drivers to the board for free.

Shipping cost

Shipping cost is:

up to 1 kg:
7.24€ to EU countries; 9.85€ to non-EU countries;

up to 2 kg:
9.56€ to EU countries; 13.61€ to non-EU countries.

If you will main set and/or a few additional parts without the 3D printed box then total weight of selected items likely will be up to 1kg;
if you will main set and/or a few additional parts with the 3D printed box then total weight of selected items will be up to 2kg.

Prices listed above can differ according to your ordered parts type and amount. Contact me for the exact shipping price.
Items will be sent through Lithuanian post using priority mail. I will provide tracking number when item will be shipped. Keep in mind that you may need to pay customs taxes if you live outside European Union. Here you can track your item.


Software is needed to control SimACo controller. You will get both Windows and Android Angry Fish application versions for free, you can download it from the downloads section anytime.


  1. Lucien

    Dear sir,
    I would like to buy 1 main set, 1 LED-1500H driver board, 4 Mean Well LDD-1500H, 1 LED temperature sensor, 1 Flow sensors board and 1 Flow sensors board.

    Could you please quote the shipment cost to:
    CEP (ZIP code): 41830-475
    Rua Cicero Simões, 119
    Salvador – Bahia

    Thanks in advance,

    1. automateaqua (Post author)

      Hello, i have responded to you by email.

  2. Lucien

    SimACo software and hardware are very well designed and built products. Besides this, the supplier provides full support before and after the purchase.
    It fully meets the requirements of my large planted fresh water aquarium.

  3. Lucien

    Depoimento em português:
    O software Angry Fish e as placas do controlador são muito bem projetados e construídos.
    O vendedor me atendeu muito bem antes da compra, durante e após a instalação.
    O produto tem excelente custo benefício.
    Ele substituiu, com grande vantagem, o meu controlador DIY baseado no Arduíno para o meu aquário de água doce plantado.
    Todos os sistemas que eu uso funcionam perfeitamente: monitoramento, alarmes e controle de leds, bombas dosadoras e de troca automática de água.


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