LDD-XXXH driver


MeanWell LDD-XXXH drivers for LDD-H drivers board. Up to 4 drivers can be soldered into the board.
Usually i have no stock of this item in my warehouse because of many product variations. I can order required drivers from my local electronic parts supplier but this will take about 11 calendar days to deliver. Please consult me before ordering drivers.



LDD-XXXH drivers main characteristics:

  • DC/DC step-down converter
  • Input voltage: 9 ~ 56VDC for LDD-300H…1000H drivers and 9 ~ 52V for LDD-1200H, LDD-1500H drivers
  • Output LED string voltage: 2 ~ 52VDC for LDD-300H…1000H drivers and 2 ~ 46V for LDD-1200H, LDD-1500H drivers
  • High efficiency up to 97%
  • Built-in EMI filter, comply with EN5 5015 and FCC part 15 without additional input filter and capacitors
  • Built-in PWM and remote ON/OFF control
  • Protections: Short circuit / Over temperature
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Compact size
  • Low cost, high reliability
  • Fully encapsulated with IP67 level for pin and wire style

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LDD-300H, LDD-350H, LDD-500H, LDD-600H, LDD-700H, LDD-1000H, LDD-1200H, LDD-1500H


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