Mosfet driver board v.2.1 with case


Mosfet driver board with 3D printed plastic case.

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MOSFET driver board is designed to be used with LED strips or LED modules which requires constant voltage 12V or 24V power supply. Board gets 12V for internal components from the main board; also you need to connect external 12-24V power supply unit (PSU) for the LEDs. Board output voltage to LEDs will be equal to the PSU voltage. Electrically channels #1 and #2 are connected through one common fuse FU1 in the board; channels #3 and #4 are connected through fuse FU2. So total current for channel #1 plus channel #2 can not exceed 4A; the same rule applies to the channels #3 plus #4. Total current for all four channels can not exceed 8A.


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