SimACo – liquid fertilizers dosing

Four channels are dedicated for this function. For every channel exact dosing time can be selected: day of week, hour and minute. You can dose four different fertilizers up to 24 times per day. You can omit dosing of different fertilizers in certain days if you need infrequent dosing. For example you can dose PO4 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and dose NO3 on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Power supply has 12V dosing pumps must be used, max. current for one pump must not exceed 0,75A. There is protection fuse in the main board which can disconnect 12V power supply if you will exceed this current. This fuse will reset automatically when the fault is removed.

Aquarium dosing (peristaltic) pump

At the beginning pump flow rate (ml/min), required daily dose amount (ml), dosing time (day of week, hours, minutes) must be set for each pump. User also can set fertilizer amount left in container. SimACo knowing flow rate and required dose amount automatically calculates time which is needed to spin the pumps. So you do not need to calculate time period manually. Fertilizing starts at the specified time. First spins the first pump. When it stops, then the second pump starts to spin, then the third and the fourth pump is activated last. This prevents fertilizers mixing with each other. Also the current requirement for power supply is reduced because only pump will run at one time. If either pump is not enabled on the current day, it will be omitted. When fertilizing is done, SimACo automatically calculates amount of fertilizers, left in each container. User can set the alarm when fertilizers amount left in container is low.

There are 2 modes for dosing pumps: automatic and manual. In automatic mode controller doses fertilizers at a time, set by user. In manual mode user must select fertilizer type, dosing amount and press the “Start manual dosing” button in the Angry Fish application menu. Dosing will be started immediately. Manual dosing also can be activated from the LCD menu.