SimACo – UPS battery energy saving

UPS battery energy saving

This function can be used when power to the aquarium devices is supplied from Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Such devices do not have big energy reserve when mains power is off. For this reason energy saving function allows to disconnect automatically non-critical aquarium equipment when the power from the mains is lost. You can disable any output: channels LED1-LED4, 120-230V Device #1- Device #8 and DosingPump1- DosingPump4. SimACo board has integrated mains voltage sensor which must be connected to the mains using cable. Sensor monitors if mains voltage is present or not. In case if mains voltage is not present SimACo will disconnect selected aquarium equipment automatically and connect this equipment again when power is restored. When power from the mains will be lost “Mains voltage not present” alarm will be activated.