SimACo – filter’s flow rate monitoring

YF-B1 flow sensor

To use flow sensors with SimACo external flow rate sensors bord is required. Board has terminals for two flow rate sensors. They are numbered #1 and #2. So two aquarium filters can be monitored. Filters can be connected to any not used Device #1 – Device #8 channels. Sensor #1 monitors flow rate of filter #1, connected to the channel Device #1 in the main board. If you have only one filter, you can disable the second sensor. Flow sensors must meet these requirements:

  • SimACo supports sensors with coefficients k from 4,8 to 11;
  • Sensors must generate pulses in the output;
  • Sensors must have three wires (“+”, “out”, “-“);
  • Sensors must have npn or pnp transistor in the output. The output type must be selected by setting jumpers in the flow sensors board for each sensor.

YF-S201 and YF-B1 sensors were tested but other sensors should work if the corresponds to the requirements listed above.

In the Angry Fish application flow rate coefficient k must be set for both sensors. This coefficient is provided by manufacturer. SimACo needs coefficient for flow rate calculation. Next you must set flow rate alarm limit for the sensors. When flow rate falls below this limit, alarm flow sensor #1 (#2) flow rate low will be generated. Alarm will be triggered only if filters are in ON mode.
Both flow sensors are read in 15 seconds intervals.